Build engaged, high-performing teams with live or virtual training from Mulholland Consulting Group.

Whether it’s training new leaders or high-level executives, personal productivity or how to bridge generational differences, the results of MCG’s programs speak for themselves.

Virtual + Onsite

Training for diverse teams

Mulholland Consulting Group provides interactive, in-person/on-site training for diverse teams. If virtual training better meets your needs, a virtual training program can be delivered via Zoom, Teams, Slack or Mural. As a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Dr. Nishizaki has been teaching online for years and was using Zoom before it was cool—so you can be confident that your virtual delivery will maintain the integrity of MCG’s training programs.

Less than 1/4 of employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.


Team Development and Leadership Development

Mulholland Consulting Group’s Leadership Development and Team Development training programs focus on Strengths-Based Leaders and Strengths-Based Teams. This methodology is founded on the CliftonStrengths® assessment (formerly known as StrengthsFinder®) from Gallup, designed to uncover and capitalize on one’s unique feelings and behaviors. Through proper training and integration into leaders and teams, the result is a more engaged, productive, happy and healthy organization.

“After Santor’s leadership training (with team communication) we saw marked improvement and the morale surveys improved dramatically…”

– VP OF HR, Los Angeles Jewish Home –

Our Team Development training starts with a detailed needs analysis from the Client’s leadership team, and follows with the Team Development workshop or series of training sessions to help find out each person’s innate talents and behaviors. Your MCG Coach can help improve how to run meetings, send emails, and other written and verbal communication tactics to help teams reduce conflict and increase productivity and team harmony.

How can organizations be effective and create value for their stakeholders if they do not train their first-time leaders?

60% of leaders never received training

According to the Center for Creative Leadership, they found that almost 60% of leaders said they NEVER received any training when they transitioned into their first leadership role. Our approach equips you to put leaders in place that positively influence constituencies and make decisions that sustain your company through market disruptions.

First-Time Manager

Managers are responsible for 70% of the variance in employee engagement (Gallup). Get your new managers off to a successful start with Mulholland Consulting Group’s First-Time Manager training.

Our approach equips you to put leaders in place that positively influence constituencies and make decisions that sustain your company through market disruptions.

Don’t miss out on this essential step to creating a productive and happy workplace.

Teams with less than 10 people have the lowest and highest engagement of all teams?

Personal Productivity

Mulholland Consulting Group’s personal productivity training can help you and your organization be more productive at work and at home. Dr. Nishizaki himself finished his doctorate in less than three years while working a full-time job at a Fortune 100 Company and teaching part-time at a local university!
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Of time spent online is procrastination?

One study found that we are productive only 2 hours and 23 minutes per day.

Productive Happy Healthy

Find out how Mulholland Consulting Group can help your organization become more productive, happy and healthy with our training programs. Contact us to find out what training program is right for you.